Calhoun County Bail Bonds Agent

Calhoun County Bail Bonds Agents at Christine’s Bail Bonds will gladly assist you in posting bail bonds for Battle Creek, MI. Call Us Today @ (269) 945-2245. We have local agents covering the entire State of Michigan. Not only can all of our bail agents assist you in Battle Creek for Bail Bonds, they are licensed and approved in every county for every jail in the State of Michigan. If you have a loved one who is in Battle Creek and has a bond in Cadillac (Wexford County Jail), each one of our Bail Agents can help you get your friend or loved one out and be back home soon. Below is the simplified process:

  1. Call Christine’s Bail Bonds
  2. Meet at the Calhoun County Jail in the “Bond Lobby”
  3. Do the “Paperwork”
  4. Take your Friend or Loved One home.

It is really that simple and the entire process usually takes about an hour. Each one of Christine’s Bail Agents are prompt, professional, and discreet. Christine’s Bail Bonds LLC is an all female, family owned bail bond agency. Christine oversees all of the agents statewide personally and often you can find Christine herself at many jails still “running the roads”. She has an unfathomable passion for the bail bond industry. She is dedicated, organized, and sympathizes with each one of her clients. You will not find a nicer bail bond agent who truly cares and will still meet a client at the jail at 3:00 in the morning.

Calhoun County Bail Bonds is an division of Christine’s Bail Bonds LLC.  Please visit our Calhoun County Bail Bonds Google+ page for more information about how bail bonds works in Calhoun County.

Please follow the links below for additional information pertaining to Calhoun County bail bonds. (Battle Creek, MI)

37th Judicial Circuit Court
161 E. Michigan Avenue
Battle Creek, MI 49014-4066
(269) 969-6530

10th District Court
161 E. Michigan Ave.
Battle Creek, MI 49014
(269) 969-6666

Calhoun County Correctional Center