Choosing the Right Bail Bond Agency for You.

Christine Blog

Choosing the right bail agency can is the most important decisions to make before you enter into an indemnification agreement. Bail bond agencies work the same within the retrospect of “getting someone out of jail”. However, after the contract is signed, things can go downhill real quick if you depend on that bail agent or bail bond agency to assist you through the entire process.

Most bail bond agencies will quickly take your money, make you sign a contract, and get your friend or loved on out of jail. But what happens if, during the release process, a correction officer tells you the bail agency that just took your money is not on the approved Bail Bondsman list and the inmate will not be released? What happens if you find out the next day that the bail bond agent lied to you about the contract you signed and now has possession of the title to your vehicle? What happens when you need to talk to the bail bondsman about a certain issue and they will not answer their phone?

Unfortunately, this happens, and we apologize that these types of bail agents actually exist in Michigan. We have heard horror stories of what has happened to unsuspecting citizens who show up at a jail and get railroaded. These unprofessional and unethical bail agents and bail agencies usually stay in business for not longer than two or three years, but can cause a lot of financial damage to Michigan residents who do not know any better.

If a bail bond agency does not have a professional website, this may be another clue. In today’s economy, and professional business has a professional website. A one page, template design, without corresponding emails can be created in a matter of two or three minutes. This is an obvious lack of not just professionalism, but it also shows how much they value their business. And if they don’t value their business, how much do you think they value their clients?

Beware of:

  • Brand New Bail Bond Agents
  • Brand New Bail Bond Agencies
  • Unprofessional looking Bail Bondmen
  • Bail Agencies who demand “Cash Only” and do not accept credit cards
  • Bail Agents who refuse to give you a receipt

With that said- some brand new agents and agencies are legitimate, and some “part-time” bail agents might have another full-time job and show up in other work clothes. But, if a bail agency does not accept credit cards and refuse to give you a receipt – Stay Away!

And Never:

  • Give a Bail Bond Agent a signed title to a vehicle
  • Give a Bail Bond Agent an open Quit Claim Deed
  • Use a Bail Bond Agent who wants to “Trade Services”
  • Use a Bail Bond Agent who wants a “Retainer”
  • Use a Bail Bond Agent who can’t show you their State License