Drunk Driving

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If you get pulled over for suspected Drunk Driving there are a few things you that most attorneys will recommend you should do and not do.

1. Pull Over – Do not try to outrun from law enforcement.
2. Cooperate as much as possible – while keeping the following in mind.
3. You should decline to make any statements without consulting an attorney
4. Politely Decline a “roadside breath test”. Instead offer to take a Datamaster Breath Test, Blood Test, or Urine Test if you get arrested.
5. Do not consent to a search of your vehicle without first consulting an attorney.
6. Politely, again Politely – state “If I am under arrest, please permit me or have someone park my vehicle to so that my agent may retrieve it.

These suggestions, in part, have been recommended by the West Michigan Defense Team. (616) 456-5457

The absolute best thing to do is not to put yourself in a situation where you may be suspect of drunk driving. A couple of thing to remember:

The average person can consume an average of “2 drinks” per hour with normal eating and activity and be below the legal limit. However, you have to ask yourself – Am I an average person? Am I healthy with good eating and exercise habits? Do I feel “buzzed”? Have I been eating the appropriate amount of food with the appropriate caloric intake? How much water have a drank today? Overall, how do I feel?

If you have been consuming alcohol and there is any question in your own mind if you can drive safely; You probably shouldn’t! Don’t question a gut instinct, most of the time it is right.

Lastly – You have to ask yourself the following:

How will a drunk driving conviction affect my life?

*Financially About $10,000
*My job How can you get to work?
*My Family The Disappointment and Financial Strain
*My Social Life Non-Existent