Domestic Violence

Christine Uncategorized

If someone is found guilty of Domestic Violence in the State of Michigan it can turn someone’s life upside down even though it may be a misdemeanor. Below are some of the following things that may happen.

  • Hunting privileges revoked
  • Lose or not be able to obtain a concealed pistol license
  • Mandated anger management classes
  • Child protective services may have to get involved
  • Surrender of all firearms
  • Surrender of parental rights
  • Mandated change of address (order to move)

If someone is simply charged with Domestic Violence, multiple conditions are typically implemented by the court before being released on bond.

  1. No alcohol use
  2. Not possess or purchase a firearm or any other dangerous weapon
  3. No contact, direct or indirect, with the “victim” of the assumed domestic violence assaultant.
  4. Can not leave the State of Michigan
  5. May not go back to the residence of the “victim” (possibly become instantly homeless)

Domestic Violence charges are on the rise in Michigan. We are posting more and more bonds for this type of charge. We have seen so many families torn apart for the simple fact that an immediate “no contact” order goes into effect in almost every case. Even if there was no physical contact, if someone feels “threatened” the other may go to jail. A simple argument, a call from a neighbor,  a knock on the door, and someone may go to jail and not be able to return home for weeks and sometimes months.

Is this a good system? Should these cases be expedited due to the family demographic? Should the defendant be assumed guilty, with all the conditions imposed on them before their day in court? What do you think?